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QUESTION: As a Small Business, isn't purchasing through Retail Boxed product the easiest and best way for me to acquire my Microsoft software?

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- View now: Click the movie icon to view our mini-session explaining why Retail Boxed product is NOT the best way for a Small (or any) business to purchase their software and why you are actually wasting money by doing so.  You will see side-by-side comparisons for products such as: Office System 2003 Pro, Office System 2003 Standard, Small Business Server 2003 Standard, and Windows Server 2003 Standard (and it's in plain English, not the standard licensing jargon you might expect).
- Presented by: Eric Ligman - Small Business Development Manager at Microsoft
- Total length: 8 mins 38 seconds

(640 X 480)
- This is the large format video, 640 X 480, for those with high-speed connections

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