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QUESTION: What is the difference between OEM, Retail Box, and Volume Licensing software? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each and how can I determine which is right for my business?

  * After viewing the video below, please see the update postings in our Blog for some OEM changes that went into effect September 1, 2005.
     - Updates to OEM Windows Licensing
     - Updates to OEM Office Licensing

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- View now: Click the movie icon to view our mini-session explaining these different programs, including the advantages, disadvantages, and help in determining which is right for you (and it's in plain English, not the standard licensing jargon you might expect).
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- Presented by: Eric Ligman - Microsoft US Senior Manager, Small Business Community Engagement
- Total length: 13 mins 37 seconds

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- This is the large format video, 640 X 480, for those with high-speed connections
Links to related information: - Get Office For Less! - This is the Red & Green cost comparison chart used in the video

- Office Rights - A PDF showing the dramatic difference in usage rights between Microsoft Office OEM, Microsoft Office OEM with Software Assurance added within 90 days, and Microsoft Office through Volume Licensing

- Why Open Value? A collection of side-by-side comparisons of Open Value vs. Open Business for various products showing the additional benefits of choosing Open Value for:
- Office Professional
- Office Small Business Edition
- Office Standard
- Small Business Server Standard
- Windows XP Professional
- Windows Server 2003 Standard


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