Forget the fries! Would you like leading edge technology with that?
The Microsoft® Small Business Desktop Advantage
Simple. Flexible. Savings.
If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times...“Would you like fries with that?” It doesn’t matter if you are ordering a hamburger, cheeseburger, sandwich, slice of pizza, etc. What about your business? You have a lawyer, accountant, office supplies, etc. Would you like leading edge technology with that? Now you CAN have leading edge technology for your business for LESSthan that daily order of fries and with a whole lot MORE power and kick to get your business running! Plus, it will help you grow your bottom line, not your waistline!

The Small Business Desktop Advantage, available through Microsoft’s Open Value Program, allows small businesses with as few as five computers to take advantage of the core Microsoft technologies used to run their business at substantial savings (less than an order of fries!) while also providing access to the most current software versions available both now, and in the future.

The Small Business Desktop Advantage provides every computer in your company with:

  1. A Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 License
  2. A Microsoft Small Business Server Client Access License
  3. A Windows® Vista Business Upgrade License (or Vista Enterprise or Ultimate)
  4. Three years of Software Assurance benefits*, including upgrade protection, home-use rights for Microsoft Office Professional, electronic product training and more

At last, a choice for small businesses that makes software licensing simple, flexible, and affordable.

*Additional Small Business Desktop Advantage licenses added after initial purchase receive full Software Assurance benefits for the remaining terms of the initial three-year agreement.