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The 5W25 Series offers 25 webcasts designed to help partners grow their business. In these sessions, successful partners share best practices on topics that matter to you.


No fluff, No frills, information you can use today to grow your business.


25 webcasts over the next 12 months - built just for you. We've scheduled top partners from around the country to make sure you learn how to make more money from the best!

Core Business        
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Core Business-Knowledge you need to grow your business

Session ID Event Title Date/Time (Pacific) Action FY Quarter

Making Money with Open Source Tools: 5 Network Services to Offer Customers
Laura Chappell

9:00 AM
On Demand image FY10 Q1
  Avoiding open source solutions because there's no revenue in it? In this webinar, Laura Chappell, Founder of Wireshark University and Chappell University, will explain how to wrap a service provider offering around Wireshark, the world's most popular network analyzer, in five different ways. Laura explains the steps required to create a baseline of a company's network before installing new applications and methods for offering on-site and off-site support services, Laura is here to help you make you money! Topics will include throughput testing, baselining traffic rates, locating the most common network problems, identifying the cause of high latency and more. Attendees should be familiar with basic Wireshark functionality (free Wireshark webinars are available at chappellseminars.com).        
WES19PAL Building Your Online Marketing Engine
Derek Brown
9:00 AM
On Demand image FY10 Q1
  Today it’s essential to have an effective online presence; both for image and marketing effectiveness. In this session we’ll go step-by-step through doable steps you can execute in building this essential capability. After email search is the #2 web activity. Increasingly search is how consumers and businesses go about finding products and service. It’s critical to understand how to manage and improve your companies search ranking. Equally important is to have a website that once someone finds you they have landed on compelling, relevant content and you have the mechanisms in place to capture and nurture leads. Too much of the time lead generation campaigns fail the basic engines of engagement that can nurture leads aren’t in place. I will cover:

Website Essentials
o Understanding the impact on image
o Fundamentals of “Don’t Make Me Think” usability
o Building conversion tools

Search - Getting to the Top of Results
o Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
o Local Search strategies – ranking in the “Google 10 Pack”
o Local Directories management

The Monthly Newsletter
o Now more than ever you need to stay top of mind
o Newsletter services and content can save you time
o Easy content development
o Managing the process

Blogging & Social Networking – Why You Need to Find the Time
o Generating ideas and getting it done
o Impact on client and prospect perceptions
o Linking strategies – building SEO
o Building keyword rich content

Lead Generation Basics
o Why you need the engine in place first
o Fundamentals of consistency and relevancy
o Post Card & Email together programs
o AdWords Pay for Click campaigns
WES20PAL Good Times? Bad Times?  NOW is the Time to Develop a Sales System!
Steve Riat; Jonathan Warrey
9:00 AM
On Demand image FY10 Q1
  Every partner needs to have a sales plan and how they are going to go after customers. In difficult times it is important that the sales in your company perform at maximum efficiency. Now is the time to fully develop your sales team, manage for success and monitor results. Steve Riat and Jonathan Warrey, combined, manage 26 sales reps. They have learned the best practices and will share their processes as well as their tips and tricks for building and growing your sales process and team. You will take away from this presentation, a sales process, an effective way of managing sales people and sales meetings, how to not cut prices and get better margin, how to maximize returns on existing customer base.

Learn to create:
o Sales processes that manage for results
o Effective weekly sales meetings that impact your business
o Profits while your competition is cutting prices
o A focus on existing customer base
WES21PAL Making money with Migration Projects
Jeff Middleton
9:00 AM
On Demand image FY10 Q1
  Migration Project can be fraught with pitfalls and issues, but it doesn't have to be that way. Jeff Middleton will present insights into the project and lifecycle planning strategy that will ensure your migration projects are on time, on budget and meet the client's expectations.

o Managing effective work processes
o Testing before deployment
o Establishing Project Completion Goals
o Where can you Automate?
o Ensuring that you can build in predictability and profitability
WES22PAL Organizing Your Business: What Do Your Financial Statements Say About You?
Susan Bradley
9:00 AM
On Demand image FY10 Q1
  Join Susan Bradley as she discusses the details about your business accounting and what you need to know to stay out of trouble and help you grow your business. Susan is a CPA as well as a Small Business Partner and MVP. She will help you understand the important aspects of running your company.

She will cover:
o What's deductible?
o Using Quickbooks • Should you incorporate?
o Tax implications of your decisions
o How to set up a chart of accounts
o Record keeping

Learn how to enjoy the end of the year interview with your Accountant, not dread it. Money is tight in this tough economy so everything you do should be efficient and optimized to either save you money or make you money.
WES23PAL Social Media 101: Defining and Understanding How to Connect with Your Clients and Colleagues Using the Latest Technologies
Stuart Crawford
9:00 AM
On Demand image FY10 Q1
  Social media is the latest trend, but many leaders face big hurdles with getting online and creating a buzz. Hear how you can use social media tools internally across your organization and as a mechanism to quickly share important information. This session takes a hands-on approach on how to: use social media to connect with employees, team members, and clients; design a blog; write your message clearly and concisely; and apply delivery mechanisms and alerts for notification of new content.        
WES24PAL Managing Your Business Through a Slow Economy with Key Performance Indicators
Michael Cocanower; Dan Hay
9:00 AM
On Demand image FY10 Q2
  The past year has been a challenging one in almost every industry, and technology is no exception. That being said, if you’ve made it through the last 12 months, it shows your resilience as an organization. Fortunately, many leading indicators are starting to point upwards. What that means is that now is the time to act to get yourself strategically positioned for the recovery. During times like these, key performance indicators (KPIs) become more important than ever before. In order to emerge stronger than your competitors, you need to watch the right numbers, and make sure your organization is making the right amount of progress in the right areas. Attend this webcast presented by two of the top partners in the US when it comes to KPIs. We will discuss which KPIs are the most important to watch over the next year, and how you should adjust your ‘every day’ KPIs as we move from recession to recovery. By making the right adjustments in how you monitor KPIs, and making sure you are watching the appropriate KPIs, you will position yourself with a competitive advantage over others in your marketplace.        
WES25PAL Consulting Best Practices
Erick Simpson
9:00 AM
On Demand image FY10 Q2
  The technology landscape has changed in the SMB sector over the last couple of year, and that has impacted some smaller IT Consultant operations. Even though the market has seen a number of independent IT consultants fold their operations, the One-man and small IT consutlant shops are still a viable business model in this space. Join small business consultant Eriq Neale for a look at ways that small IT shops are not only staying in business in this "new world order" but are acutally thriving.        
WES26PAL How to Create a Lead Generation Campaign that Gets Results
Kendra Lee
9:00 AM
On Demand image FY10 Q2
  Lead generation is expensive and often unproductive. Your objective is qualified, interested prospects, but in today’s tough economy your challenge is significantly multiplied. You can’t rely on your sellers’ cold calling efforts to drive the number of leads your company requires.

You need a demand generation approach that can reach your target contacts exactly when they’re looking for the services you offer, draw them in, and fill your pipeline. Such a plan sounds complex, resource intensive and cost prohibitive but it doesn’t have to be. You can use the resources already available to you to create lead generation campaigns that gets results.

In this session with Kendra Lee, prospect attraction expert and author of the award-winning book Selling Against the Goal, you’ll discover:
o Why most lead generation efforts fail and how to avoid it
o Your objective with a campaign
o The golden rule of successful prospect attraction
o What a successful lead generation campaign looks like
o The 4 components every campaign must include
o How your definition of a lead changes your campaign
o 10 Tips for writing a successful email campaign
o Actual results you can expect
o Resource requirements to be sure to plan for
o Strategies to secure vendor funding

Leave with fresh how-tos to create campaigns that’ll attract prospects and fill your pipeline.
WES27PAL Virtualization:  Defined.  Building your Virtualization Practice and Solution Offerings
Dave Sobel
9:00 AM
On Demand image FY10 Q2
  Virtualization is becoming mainstream, and are you ready with your practice? Learn from Dave Sobel, author of “Virtualization: Defined. A Primer for the SMB Consultant”, how to build your consulting practice, get trained and offering solutions, and solutions you can start delivering right away. Learn about server consolidation assessments, Virtual Desktop Infrastructures, and how to deliver high value solutions to your customers.        
WES28PAL Leveraging Community and Peers to Grow your Business
Arlin Sorensen
9:00 AM
On Demand image FY10 Q2
  Do you struggle to find the right answers to overcoming the roadblocks that can prevent your company from going to the next level? Join Arlin Sorensen and others from the partner community as they discuss how to leverage the power of peers and communities to find solutions to the challenges every business faces. Be it learning to overcome sales management struggles, hiring your first employee, marketing effectively – someone has done it before and the key to getting to the other side is to leverage that knowledge and experience rather than learning it all on your own. It is happening and the group will share real world examples and more importantly the impact that deep relationships have had in helping them grow their businesses.        
WES29PAL Should you go Vertical?
Robert Lindley
9:00 AM
On Demand image FY10 Q2
  Moderator: Robert Lindley, President, Innovative Systems, Inc.
Dave Sobel, CEO, Evolve Technologies
Garrett Brucker, Principal, Solve IT, LLP
Robert Lamm, President, Lamm Technical Resources LLC

Industry analysts and many Microsoft partners have demonstrated that focusing your solutions to address the specific needs of vertical markets can help your company improve the success of its sales and marketing efforts, improve your competitive positioning, and build sustainable customer loyalty even in a weak economy.

In this session, a panel of partners will discuss how they focus on specific vertical market solutions at their company and what this approach has meant to their success. The panel will discuss the following topics:

o Why is it important to focus on vertical markets?
o Which tools can help you create a vertical strategy?
o What is the potential return on investment?
o How can you get started?
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